David is an artist who works in a variety of medias such as: painting, photography and digital graphics. He is deeply rooted in the arts and the integration of technology within the arts. Now residing in Virginia but having lived throughout the United States, David found inspiration for his work in areas like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Grand Junction, Colorado; Fresno, California and Flagstaff, Arizona. He received his BFA at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1998 and recently returned to academia and received a degree in computer science and information technology. David’s involvement in projects and collaborations with artists and colleagues fills much of his time. He remains focused in perfecting his artistry in two dimensional and digital works.


Gregory M. Yates was raised in a large and eclectic family in Pittsburgh, Pa. Gregory took to art at a young age. Throughout high school, he developed a keen sense of space and awareness to detail within his work. Upon High School graduation in 1994, he was encouraged by a dear friend to apply to the Museum School of Boston in Massachusetts. It was in Boston where he finely tuned and refined his artistic sensibility in several medias like drawing, painting, and ceramics. While in Boston attending the Museum School and Tufts University, Gregory discovered radio broadcasting and eventually had a long running show with a colleague titled “Who’s Your Paparazzi?”. Moving to California in 2001, Gregory took a graphic design job with a startup company, Zazzle. Working with Zazzle for nearly 12 years Gregory was a liaison within many departments and lead project manager in developing crucial facets within the company’s core productivity like a full digital photography studio for documenting products. Gregory remains focused and dedicated on creating art within visual and multimedia. His inspiration comes from the world and his interpretation of life. Creating for the intent of a monetary value is not on his radar, rather creating for the interpretation of self.